Selling Out Our Schools (PDF only)

Selling Out Our Schools (PDF only)

Vouchers, Markets, and the Future of Public Education

Edited By Robert Lowe, Barbara Miner

Table of Contents

Vouchers are one of the hottest controversies in school reform.

Selling Out Our Schools covers the major issues surrounding not only vouchers but efforts to privatize our public schools and make them beholden to the marketplace. It includes a special section on the conservative agenda for education.

Selling Out Our Schools is an invaluable resource. More than 35 articles by nationally respected educators and policy makers explain how vouchers and marketplace approaches to education threaten our basic concepts of equality and opportunity.

"Selling Out Our Schools should be on the required reading list of every legislator, policymaker, educator, parent and citizen activist."

- Deanna Duby, Director, Education Policy, People for the American Way Foundation

Articles Include:

  • The Hollow Promise of School Vouchers by Robert Lowe
  • The Debate is About Privatization, Not 'Choice' An Interview with Deborah Meier
  • Vouchers Would Devastate Our Schools by Rep. Maxine Waters
  • Chicago: Public School Choice and Inequality by Jonathan Kozol
  • 'Vouchers Are a Smokescreen' An Interview with Linda Darling-Hammond
  • Will Markets or Democracy Prevail? by Alex Molnar

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